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Civil Surgeon

Roger Washington MD FAAFP

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Medical Examination Specialist


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On-Site Immunizations 

Required documents:

- Immigration Medical Exams - pdf

- USCIS Information and FAQ - pdf

- I-693 Form Instructions - pdf

​- CDC Vaccination Link

Important Information

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​for your I-693 Exam 

- Form I-693
- Passport or ID with Photo
- Vaccination Records

If records are not available, you will need to have a blood test.

Serving Santa Clara County 

Over 20 Years

1. Physical medical examination by USCIS certified physician

2. Tuberculosis Test – Quantiferon – TB Gold (GFT-G) Blood Test must be within 6 months scheduled appointment.
3, Blood Test of Syphilis
4. USCIS required immunizations

Our average turn-around for the paperwork is less than one week. We can even expedite the process for a more rapid completion on a case-by-case basis.  

Once the medical exam is completed, I will certify the Form I-693 and you will receive a sealed envelope to turn in with your application to the immigration department or lawyer.

Please DO NOT open the sealed envelope or it will make your documents inadmissible to the
USCIS. We will provide you with a copy of the documents contained in the sealed envelope for your own records.

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Every client is different: health, age, lifestyle, language, and even the country of your birth may determine what is required to complete the process of your medical exam. In some cases, special waivers are needed to fulfill all the requirements.